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Invergarven creates a school community where we are safe, included and excel in what we do.  We are proud of our achievements and are confident in our own abilities.




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Invergarven School opened the doors of its new building in August 2018. The school is a non-denominational specialist school serving Girvan and the surrounding areas. Invergarven provides education for pupils aged 5 to 19.

All pupils have additional support needs and in some cases, complex medical and health needs. All staff at Invergarven endeavour to offer an appropriate curriculum for pupils from primary to secondary school age, incorporating SQA as well as Curriculum for Excellence and Broad General Education. The school offers a developmental curriculum with specific teaching approaches differentiated or elaborated according to the needs of the pupils.

There are currently five main classes:

Class 1 with five pupils P4 – S2

Class 2 with four pupils in S1

Class 3 with two pupils S4 – S6

Class 4 with five pupils P1 – P2

Class 5 with six pupils P1 – P3  

 There are also some one-to-one learning areas created in the school to meet the specific needs of some of the pupils. This approach allows particular pupils to gain the essential input that they required to make progress in their learning.



1: To create a positive school ethos that promotes inclusion and equality by:

  • Encouraging pupils, whatever their ability, to reach full potential
  • Ensuring relationships are based on mutual respect and understanding
  • Creating a welcoming and purposeful atmosphere for pupils, parents and staff

2: To provide a stimulating and enjoyable curriculum for our pupils that will:

  • Cater for all needs and abilities
  • Be delivered through quality teaching and learning, providing a range of learning experiences
  • Encourage pupils to develop a positive sense of achievement and pleasure in their learning
  • Enable pupils to make the best of opportunities presented to them despite their additional support needs

3: To improve the standard of achievement and attainment within the school by:

  • Careful monitoring of pupil attainment and achievement
  • Encouraging pupils to work to the best of their ability and helping them to make best possible progress
  • Promoting an ethos of success within the school
  • Raising standards of attainment in the core areas outlined in the pupil’s IEP

4: To assist our pupils’ personal and social development and to teach them the values and responsibilities of citizenship by:

  • Encouraging pupils to become aware of their own feelings and those of others around them
  • Encouraging in pupils an awareness of the rules in school and of those in the wider community
  • Promoting independence across all areas of learning
  • Equipping them with the skills necessary to cope with the challenges they may face and by enabling them to make the best use of appropriate support systems

5: To promote effective partnership that links home, school and community by:

  • Involving parents in their children’s education in school and at home
  • Promoting effective home-school links
  • Contributing to and being an active part of the local community

6: To develop an effective framework for learning by:

  • Seeking to provide quality staff development opportunities and review where appropriate
  • Endeavouring to offer an attractive, stimulating and safe school environment which will promote effective teaching and learning
  • Encouraging pupils to be motivated and confident.

Meet Our Teachers

Julie McManus

Head Teacher

Derek England

Depute Head Teacher

Leona Smith


Stuart Greig


Caitlin MacCaig


Phoebe Maitland


Olivia Hannah


Laura Cunningham


Our Support Staff

Aileen Mitchell

Specialist Support Staff

Kate Brown

Support Staff

Lynsay McCreath

Specialist Support Staff

Alma McKenzie

Support Staff

Rosaleen Skilling

Support Staff

Jackie Shaw

Support Staff

Maureen Nicolson

Support Staff

Lindsay Stirling

Support Staff

Joel Robertson

Support Staff

Our Staff

Ian Magill


Kerry Mahood

Catering Assistant